Independent Living Support - Dumfriesshire

Last updated: 19/06/2013


Independent Living Support works with many different people who may have problems getting or managing their own tenancy. Our aim is to help you to: * Develop the skills you need to live independently in your home and community. We will encourage and support you to gain the skills and confidence you need to manage your tenancy and live your life. * We can help you to identify why you are having problems and consider how you might do something about them. This will involve you thinking about your life and making choices about how you want to live. * Uses the Outcomes Star to help you focus on your own issues and concerns, see how different issues can affect other areas of your life and measure your progress so you can see how well you re doing. * Will support you do the things you want to do. Remember the aim is to support you to become independent and do things for yourself so we won’t be working with you for ever, perhaps for a year or so.


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Meeting Details


8 George Street Meuse

Disabled Access: No


Ms Elaine Colquhoun
Independent Living Support
8 George Street Meuse

Tel: 01387 262226 or 07747 442362