Dumfries Historic Buildings Trust

Last updated: 21/06/2013


Dumfries Historic Buildings Trust (DHBT) is a 'Building Preservation Trust' (BPT) with charitable status. As such, it is in a position to raise and co-ordinate various forms of finance such as grants from central and local government; low-interest loans from the Architectural Heritage Fund; and donations, gifts in kind, and concessionary loans from companies, charitable trusts, and the general public. The primary aim of the trust is to rescue and preserve and restore historic buildings in and around Dumfries (and potentially further afield) that are at risk of decay or depradation that could lead to their being irreparably damaged - or lost forever. It is intended that the trust will develop and operate a 'revolving fund' for the restoration or conservation of historic buildings to enable their continued and sustainable use. BPTs are voluntary organisations, set up by like-minded individuals who care passionately about the historic built environment and are willing to devote time and effort, mostly without pay or other financial reward, to a good cause. They exist principally in order to save high risk, low return historic buildings in which nobody else is prepared to invest. There are many BPTs throughout the UK and they have saved countless doomed buildings from the brink, by love and labour, where there was no other avenue, and all hope seemed lost. BPTs usually step in where there seems to be no other way to save a building (such as purchase by another sympathetic individual or organisation). DHBT is the first independent BPT dedicated to Dumfries and the Surrounding area, with the intention to help ensure that no more of the distinctive vernacular buildings and historic architecture of this beautiful area is needlessly lost. Dumfries Historic Buildings Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland (Company No. 412579), and a Registered Scottish Charity (SCO 42851).



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Mr Luke Moloney
24 Queen Street

Tel: 01387 259338
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