Assistance putting the bin out

Step 1 of 5: Who are you applying for?

Are you applying for yourself or someone else?

Please provide us with your contact details:


Step 2 of 5: Applicant Details

Please provide us with the following details for the applicant:

Trouble finding the address?

If the address you're looking for doesn't appear, try different combinations of the address and postcode.

For instance, to find Flat 3, 20 Scott's Street, Annan DG12 6JG try:

  • DG126JG - postcodes are the best searches and can have spaces or not
  • DG12 6JG 20 - postcodes and house numbers should be enough
  • 20 DG12 6JG - the order doesn't matter
  • 3 DG12 6JG - words like 'FLAT' may not appear in the official property name
  • 3 Scotts - don't worry about apostrophes, the search ignores them
  • 20 Sco - unsure of the spelling? Try just the first few characters

Step 3 of 5: Other Residents

Does the applicant live alone?

Please be aware that:

  • Family, friends, relatives and carers would be expected to help where possible.
  • Bins or sacks will need to be located no more 30m (100ft) from the normal collection point.

Please use the form below to provide details of up to 5 people living at the applicant's household.

The purpose for collecting personal details on this form is to allow the council to manage the bin service. See details of our data protection and privacy policy here.

Full time resident?
Name Relation Date of Birth Full time? Delete

Step 4 of 5: Assistance Required

Reason for requesting assistance

Please confirm which services you need assistance with:

General Waste Bin
General Waste Sacks
Food Waste Caddy
Dry Recycling Boxes
Dry Recycling Trolley
Dry Recycling Sacks
Is the applicant able to collect the empty container from the kerbside?
Would the applicant be able to manage with a smaller bin or sacks?
If required, can supporting information be provided?

By clicking the submit button you are confirming that the information you have provided is true and accurate and you accept that if the application is found to be false then this service will automatically be removed and you may be invoiced for the costs incurred.

Once application has been completed an assessment will be carried out. Once a decision has been made you will be notified of this decision within 4 weeks.

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