Household Waste - Your Bins

The new Household Waste and Recycling service started in Wigtownshire in November 2020 and will be rolled out across the region from March-June 2021. This page describes what bins you can expect to get when the new service starts in your area. Details for properties in each area will be available 1-2 weeks before the roll out.

If the address you're looking for doesn't appear, try different combinations of the address and postcode.

For instance, to find Flat 3, 20 Scott's Street, Annan DG12 6JG try:

  • DG126JG - postcodes are the best searches and can have spaces or not
  • DG12 6JG 20 - postcodes and house numbers should be enough
  • 20 DG12 6JG - the order doesn't matter
  • 3 DG12 6JG - words like 'FLAT' may not appear in the official property name
  • 3 Scotts - don't worry about apostrophes, the search ignores them
  • 20 Sco - unsure of the spelling? Try just the first few characters
image of the range of bins: food caddies, hessian sacks, 240 litre wheelie bins, 1100 litre communal bins

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