Dean of Guild Plans

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Full Name: Moffat Dean of Guild Plans
Period: 1869-1975
Records: 1999 View

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Major building works or alterations to existing buildings within the Burgh of Moffat had to be approved by the town's Dean of Guild. Along with the petition or applications for such permission, warrants showing that the work had been successfully completed and other associated papers, there are over 2,000 plans submitted to the Dean of Guild as part of the application process, dating from 1869 until 1975.

Project Description

These plans have the reference number CB842/4 and are being catalogued under the following headings:

  1. Running number
  2. Address
  3. Project Type (eg workshop, shop, school etc)
  4. Format (eg elevation, site plan etc)
  5. Architect or Builder
  6. Date
  7. Register Number (where known)


Sam Small

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