Report a Missed Collection

Please do not report a missed collection if there are any notices from the Waste department that affect your property.

Note: Yellow bins are supplied and collected by NHS rather than the council. For any queries relating to a yellow bin please contact the NHS.

A tagged bin will have a green, white, red or orange plastic tag on it advising why it has not been collected.

Tag meanings
  • Green Tags: Waste Collection crews advised to put a green tag onto wheeled bin when contamination has been found in a recycling bin. It will be the responsibility of the householder to remove any contamination for either red or blue lidded bin before the bin can be placed out for collection.
  • White Tags: Waste Collection crews are advised to put white tags on wheeled bins when the bin is too heavy to lift. Heavy bins are determined by the collection vehicles.
  • Red Tags: Waste Collection crews are advised to place a hand on lid and if it cannot be easily closed by hand, this will be deemed to be an overfilled bin and red tag will be applied.
  • Orange Tags: Waste Collection crews are advised to put an orange tag on the second bin if a householders presents two for collection. Householders are only entitled to present one bin for collection.

Your options

Because your bin has been tagged you cannot report this as a missed collection.

You can either:

  • take your excess waste to your local household waste recycling centre, or
  • phone us on 030 33 33 3000 to arrange to book and pay for a bulky uplift to collect the waste.

Please note that waste collections can be delayed by roadworks, breakdowns or unexpected events but we make every effort to catch up during the day.

You can consider your bin to be 'missed' if we have still not been to collect it by 4pm on your normal collection day.

DGC Fault Reporting Application | Version 2.3 | Last build 26/11/2021