New bin, food caddy or kerbside container

Trouble finding the address?

If the address you're looking for doesn't appear, try different combinations of the address and postcode.

For instance, to find Flat 3, 20 Scott's Street, Annan DG12 6JG try:

  • DG126JG - postcodes are the best searches and can have spaces or not
  • DG12 6JG 20 - postcodes and house numbers should be enough
  • 20 DG12 6JG - the order doesn't matter
  • 3 DG12 6JG - words like 'FLAT' may not appear in the official property name
  • 3 Scotts - don't worry about apostrophes, the search ignores them
  • 20 Sco - unsure of the spelling? Try just the first few characters

Replacement Bins

If you request a replacement Non-Recycling bin due to your bin being missing, damaged, split or having missing wheels, you can collect a supply of Council sacks from any Council Customer Service Centre for you to use until your new bin can be delivered. You must provide the Case Reference number to the Customer Service Centre as you will not be provided any sacks without this.

You can not collect sacks for missing or damaged Recycling bins and we ask you to store this waste in your property until your new bin arrives.

If you are unable to collect sacks from your local Customer Service Centre please email to request that these are posted. Please email us with your Case Reference number, name and address. It may take up to 10 working days to receive the sacks.

You can leave out up to 2 council sacks per non-recycling uplift only until you receive your bin.

If it's just your bin lid that has been damaged you can continue to use your bin and council sacks will not be supplied. However we will retain your details and you will receive a replacement bin in due course.

Once your replacement bin arrives you may leave either the sacks OR the bin out for collection - we will not collect both.

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Why do you need a new bin or additional capacity?

The cost to purchase household wheeled bins for a new build property is £76.28. This includes 3 x 240 litre bins and a food waste caddie if the property receives a food waste recycling service.

The cost for the standard 240 litre bin is £76.28.

The following form needs to be completed prior to the provision of refuse and recycling container requirements for new residential property/properties.

Do you require an invoice to be raised

Are you a Self-Builder?
Do you wish to use card payment services?

Please note that an invoice will be automatically issued if no contact can be made within 2 weeks this form being submitted

Your existing bin will be removed when a replacement bin is delivered. Any replacement bin may be a serviceable second-hand bin.

Please select the type of damage:

Your existing bin will be removed when a replacement bin is delivered. Any replacement bin may be a serviceable second-hand bin.

Please select the type of bin you want to change to:

Residents are responsible for keeping their own bins clean. There may be commercial organisations in your area that offer a bin cleaning service but the council does not maintain a list of them.

Are you the owner of this property?
Who is your landlord?

Your name and contact details are required to enable us to provide this service.

By submitting this form you are confirming that, to the best of your knowledge, all the details are correct and accurate.

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