Emergency Road Closures

View mapAccidentA713 near to Drumrash north of Partonto allow recovery of stricken vehicle.
View mapAccidentHanover Square at the junction with Hanover Street.Incident involving an HGV. Note: Hanover Street remains open.
View mapBurst 12" main and associated worksB7020 Near Gas Distribution Site, BeattockBurst to 12" water main, reported road damage
View mapCollapsed Culvert U87a at Newbiebarns Farm To Facilitate Emergency Culvert Replacement.
View mapCollapsed culvertA762 at Underwood FarmClosure will be in place from 08:00 to 16:00 Wednesday 14th June 2017 to allow repair/replacement.
View mapDangerous bridge deck.Cove Pedestrian Bridge, Kirkpatrick-Fleming 
View mapFalling Debris from BuildingU856n Munches StreetTo faciliate emergency works on unsafe Chimney. Works to be completed by 14th December 2018.
View mapFloodA716 Due to High wind and High Tide forecast the road will be closed for public safety along seawall. Diversion will be via B7065 past PortLogan and head towards Drummore then onto C23w Curghie Glen Road
View mapFloodA716 Emergency closure due to flooding from Kilstay Bay.
View mapFloodA781 WHITESANDSA781 Whitesands, Closed due to flooding - No access from the following: Friars Vennel, Bank Street, Nith Place/Shakespeare Street. Other Routes effect by this closure: Irish Street closed to general traffic no exit on to Nith Place - Open for delivery to Loreburn Centre, M&S etc..
View mapHigh voltage cable faultU696N CUMBERLAND STREETHigh voltage cable fault
View mapHigh voltage power faultB737 SUN STREETHigh voltage power fault
View mapInvestigation of void in carriagewayU761N HARDTHORN AVENUEInvestigation of void in Carriageway
View mapPolice IncidentA711 From B793 towards DumfriesRef 2729. Lorry recovery from side of road.
View mapPolice IncidentB722 NORTH STREETRTC and resulting suspected gas leak
View mapScottish Power cable faultHowgate Street  
View mapTree/Power cable across roadC112N ~1mi SE of Routin BridgeDangerous tree across the road
View mapTree/Power cable across roadZC39W Power Cable across the road.
View mapgas leakon C2s nearto old hen factory  
View map C38s south of Torrs CottageTo allow the recovery of a vehicle. At this stage it is anticipated this will be completed by 23:55 today.
View map C69A Central Avenue, North from Annan road also requiring closure of bus stance area - Northbound onlyUrgent fault in large diameter water main, closure to allow repair
View map Church Street between King Street and Cotton Street. Scottish Power supply fault
View map Full length of road Structural failure of utility reinstatement track and associated road damage From 5pm on 7th March 2019 until further notice Local access only
View map Howgate Street between Galloway Street and Church StreetAs a result of a serious building fire Scottish Power require to work on electrical cables in the carriageway.
View map Mill Lade adjacent to 52 Main Street. Potential collapse of chimney on building gable.
View map Northern length of private road Galabreak Road, Thornhill Scottish Power fault requiring immediate action. Duration at this time is unknown however closure may require to be in place until Sunday evening 1900hrs
View map The lane at the side of Thornhill Inn between Drumlanrig Street and the public toilets. Scottish Power cable failure.
View map U4s adjecent to Port Cottage, West Port, New Gallowayleaking water main repair
View map U50w naerto Lower CultsCollapsed road crossing on the U50w Reiffer Park Road. Remedial works are planned for 10th May 2017.
View map U972a Greencroft Wynd adjacent to the Police Station.Electrical fault / cable failure
View map on Downies Wynd north of access to car park. Scottish Power cable fault.
View map  Dangerous Trees to be felled along roadside


 CategoryImpactRoadLocationStatusProgrammed Start/Completion Date
View mapActive TravelHighAuchendoon RoadNewton StewartUnderwayAugust 2018 - July 2019
View mapActive TravelMediumPort RoadDalbeattieUnderwayAugust 2018 - September 2019
View mapActive TravelHighChurch CrescentDalbeattieUnderwayAugust 2018 - November 2019
View mapTraffic Calming ProgrammeMediumOld Military RoadGatehouse of Fleet UnderwaySeptember 2018 - April 2019
View mapCoastal InfrastructureLow garlieston harbourUnderwaySeptember 2018 - October 2019
View mapActive TravelHighNew Abbey RoadDumfriesUnderwaySeptember 2018 - October 2019
View mapActive TravelLow KirkgunzeonUnderwaySeptember 2018 - May 2019
View mapTraffic Calming ProgrammeMediumWaterside RoadCargenbridgeUnderwayNovember 2018 - August 2019
View mapFlood Risk ManagementLow LangholmProgrammedSeptember 2018 - April 2019
View mapActive TravelMediumCharlotte StreetStranraerProgrammedSeptember 2018 - June 2019
View mapFlood Risk ManagementLowSTONEYKIRK ROAD ProgrammedJanuary 2019 - May 2019
View mapFlood Risk ManagementLowHolmwood DriveLangholmProgrammedApril 2019 - March 2020
View mapIntelligent Transport SystemHighDOCKHEADDumfriesProgrammedApril 2019 - March 2020
View mapIntelligent Transport SystemMediumKING STREETCastle DouglasProgrammedMay 2019 - June 2019
View mapIntelligent Transport SystemLowANNAN ROADDumfriesProgrammedOctober 2019 - February 2020
View mapRoad Safety ProgrammeMediumGeorge StreetWhithorn CompletedNovember 2018
View mapCarriageway Resurfacing (<40mm)LowC206Craigs Road at Mount Sydney.CompletedMarch 2019
View mapPlanned Structural OverlaysMediumU121Randolph Crescent, GarliestonCompletedMarch 2019
View mapPlanned Structural OverlaysMediumU560Hill Street, CreetownCompletedMarch 2019
View mapPlanned Structural OverlaysMediumA(P)746George Street, WhithornCompletedMarch 2019
View mapPlanned Structural OverlaysMediumB7052Sorbie to WhauphillCompletedMarch 2019
View mapPlanned Structural OverlaysMediumC36Castlehill, WhithornCompletedMarch 2019
View mapDrainageLowC114Junction at CairnhallCompletedMarch 2019
View mapCar ParksLowRoads - Misc - StewartryMunches Car Park, DalbeattieCompletedMarch 2019