Core paths: walking and cycling in Dumfries and Galloway

Core paths are key public access routes which have been identified across the region.

The condition of each route varies. We don't own the paths but we have a duty to ensure that recognised core paths are in reasonable condition and signposted.

Use the map below to find routes (click on the blue dots to view the pdf for each route) or view a list of all paths here.

Paths Map

Walking and cycling in Dumfries & Galloway

Core path routes: Core paths symbol

Click here to see how steep the paths are

We have 100 walking and cycling route descriptions available as pdfs for you to read or print out. Click on the start icons.

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This facility is to allow people to report faults relating to access, such as problems with countryside paths or the way people are using them. For fly-tipping , anti social-behavior or dog-fouling in parks and around settlements please contact the main Council switchboard on 030 33 33 3000.
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