My Community Council

Community Councils were introduced mainly to gather public opinion and pass these opinions on to local authorities and other public sector bodies.

For example, they have a right to be consulted about planning and licensing applications. They are part of Dumfries and Galloway Council’s winter resilience scheme and many Community Councils have been issued with equipment such as salt bins and snow shovels. Community Councils have invaluable knowledge about vulnerable people in their communities who may need extra assistance at times. Here are some examples of what you can expect your Community Council to help you with:

  • How do we get a salt bin for our street?
  • More detail about Planning and licensing applications
  • How do we get something done about potholes
  • Power cuts, water supply disruption – knowledge about vulnerable people to pass on to public sector bodies
  • Advice about antisocial behaviour

Ward 1 - Stranraer and the Rhins


Ward 2 - Mid Galloway and Wigtown West


Ward 3 - Dee and Glenkens


Ward 4 - Castle Douglas and Crocketford


Ward 5 - Abbey


Ward 6 - North West Dumfries


Ward 7 - Mid and Upper Nithsdale


Ward 8 - Lochar


Ward 9 - Nith


Ward 10 - Annandale South


Ward 11 - Annandale North


Ward 12 - Annandale East and Eskdale


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